Esport SSC rules for Madden NFL 1v1

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 Madden NFL 1v1

There is only one format of 1v1 Madden NFL game play SSC Rules. It is described in its entirety below.  

Team Names

A player's team name through the SSC TEAM system must be their gamer tag.

General Rules

All weekly matches will be a best of three series between the two teams.

Players may use any team they choose, with the exception of all-star teams. If both teams agree to use one of the exempt teams, then they will be permissible, but only if both sides agree.

Players can choose a different team for each individual match.

Each team will play as the home team once during the first two games. If a third game is needed, the home team for the third game will be decided by the team who scored the most goals between the first two games. 

The home team is responsible for sending an invite to their opponent, and ensuring all settings are correct for the game.

The team who is home for the first game is responsible for submitting all scores. All scores must be submitted the night games are played.

The same team is eligible to be used by both teams. If this is the case, the away team is required to wear a uniform that is significantly different from the home team.


Gameplay Settings


All games are to be played with the default setting for online matches.